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Chapter 28

"Sparklepelt." said Wintertail in panic. Pucleclaw turned around quickly and saw Wintertail. "Oh, the great Wintertail. Bow down to your new leader, Puckleglory." spat Puckleclaw. "What?" hissed Wintertail with fury in her eyes. "There is only one leader. And she is right next to me." But Puckleclaw's gaze fell upon Frostglory. "Traitor." hissed Frostglory angrily. "Shallowpool?" meowed Dotfur stepping toward the sleek cat. "Mother, why are you doing this?" said Dotfur. Indeed, Dotfur's mother was Shallowpool and it broke her heart to see that she had turned evil. Frostglory whispered something to Pebblefoot and he ran off. Demontooth, not knowing what he was doing, lunged toward Pebblefoot. Wintertail quickly flung herself toward Demontooth. Pebblefoot startled, started to run off. Then she remembered Sparklepelt and the other leaders. (The real leaders.) "Get the other leaders out," she yelled without thinking. The others seeming only now to realize that the leaders were in the corner. Also Wintertail noticed that Pineglory (QuickClan leader) was huffing his breath out unsteadily. She lunged herself toward the real leaders. The deputies, surprised, was not able to stop her, for they stood on one side of the field and the good band of cats on the other side. The battle had begun. THE BLOODBATTLE. SEE MORE IN BOOK 2.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter 27

Sparklepelt vigorously shook the dizziness out of his head. "Ugh," he groaned. All of the days' events rushed through his brain. He looked around. He was in the Nursery. But where was Bellafeather and Mollywing? He tried to rush out of the den but Shallowpool was there blocking his exit. "Get out of my way," Sparklepelt hissed with rage. Didn't she have any respect for anyone but herself? "Is that a way to talk to QuickClan's leader?" she cooed. "You're QuickClan's leader?" he mewed. "Right indeed. I'm Shallowglory. We have not got our 9 lives yet, but that's only a day's wait away." Shallowglory meowed somewhat proudly. Sparklepelt shook his head. Time for a change of subject. "Where are my friends?" he asked with a hint of worry. "Oh, those little rats. They are in the Apprentice den." she hissed with too much satisfacion. "Puckleglory decided all places would go down. So apprentices would be kits and so on. I was thinking of having you as an apprentice." Sparklepelt gasped in horror. "Oh. So this is all Puckleclaw-" "Puckleglory," she corrected. He gasped in horror, then gulped down his surprise. "Puckleglory's fault." Shallowglory nodded. That was it. Sparklepelt needed to get out of here.  He rammed Shallowpool with his head. She slid aside undamaged, but obviously surprised. Outside he saw the other deputies or leaders, whichever. They growled when they saw him. He turned around to go the other way, but Shallowglory was right there. It was no use. He was trapped. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the other leaders. The real leaders. They were trapped inside a den with a bamboo door attatched to it (how did they get the bamboo tied?). He ripped the door that was holding them in. All of the leaders leaped up at the same time. Then Sparklepelt led the leaders out together. Then Puckleglory suddenly jumped in front of them. They turned back, but they were surronded.The bushes started to rustle, and out came Wintertail and the others!!! But Sparklepelt's joy soon faded as he realized that it was no use because they had ready started what they would soon call the BloodBattle . . .

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Chapter 26

            Okay forget all the other characters. Here are the ones you must remember: Wintertail, Frostglory, Pebblefoot, Dusktail, Dotfur, Mollywing, Bellafeather, Puckleclaw,Cheetahswift and all the other deputies. So now let's join our journey with Sparklepelt. Sparklepelt's friends, Bellafeather and Mollywing, seemed to hear the sounds of his low growls. As soon as they emerged from the bushes, the other clan deputies came out of the bushes. Demontooth came into full view then. Sparklepelt could now see that RockClans' deputy was no bigger than himself. He had dark brown fur with gashes of light brown. Demontooth had many battle scars, for he had been RockClans deputy for 6 years and he was getting old and impatient for RockClan's current leader to retire. Second came Mutheart. Mutheart was a lean gray cat. Some stories told of him being half mut. Mutheart had only recently became NightClan's deputy, because the clan was unsure if they should trust him or not. Last but not least was Shallowpool. Shallowpool was a gorgeus female cat. While the cats were staring at awe at her she would normally quickly strike. Being a QuickClan a cat, she was incredibly fast. Being the oldest and most skilled deputy she was really unbeatable. The deputies came closer and closer to the three cats. the next thing Sparklepelt knew he was knocked out(If you are wondering why the deputies names don't end with claw, is becase Puckleclaw secretly allowed them to change there names if they didn't like them. And apparently all of them besides Puckleclaw didn't like their name).

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Chapter 25

We must know leave our hero, Wintertail and tell you what has happened while the band of cats were gone. We will now follow the story of Sparklekit. A young male cat with a great sense of pride. Sparklekit became an apprentice at the same time of Wintertail. While he had his apprentice ceremony, Wintertail just happened to be sleeping. He also became a warrior the day after Wintertail, so know we are left with Sparklepelt. The day that the band of clan saving cats left, Puckleclaw took over due to strange disappearance of Frostglory. In the late afternoon, Sparklepelt heard a rumbling noise. She ran utside to see a giant wave crashing upon their camp. Sparklepelt braced himself for the impact. When the water finally hit him, he just started to swim. After that odd incident, the clans soon got news that a couple of cats died. Volleytail (from another clan.) and their own Safetyherb ( medicine cat apprentice)Bellawing took over. Bellawing was her very best friend aside from Mollyfeather, that is. Although his friends were girls. As many may know, girls and boys often do not work together well. All the other kits in the other clan were killed but WaveClans' kits were carried to safety. The next day the campsite caught on fire. Waveclan, because they live in holes, had a harder time escaping their dens compared to the other clans. Sparklepelt saw Puckleclaw talking to another cat. the other cat did not smell of WaveClan but it smelled like it was from RockClan. "We shall attack the clans, join up with the other clan deputies, and rule all cats in this forest.'' the other cat said. Puckleclaw nodded solemly. Sparklepelt gasped suddenly. Another cat heard him. The strange cat pounced on him. Sparklepelt threw him off into the broad sunlight of the day. It was Demontooth, Rockclan's deputy. From the bushes emerged the other clans deputies.

Chapter 24

The suspense was killing her. Witch clan would he choose she knew that whichever clan he went to Avalanch would go to. "I choose Waveclan." said Jauwar at last. Wintertail let out her breath. "So with thdat done let's go back to the clans." said Frostglory seemng relieved too. With a nod of Wintertail's head they set off toward the clans. Almost to the clans Dotfur spoke up. "Wintertail why is cheetahswift mad at you?" sheasked."how did you know she was mad at me?" said Wintetail with a little bit of annoyance. 'You didn't know Cheetahswift is in QuickClan." said Dotfur with a bunch of sympathy. "What!" she hissed nearly allmost falling down. their pace seemed to go a little faster after that. When they got to the area where the four clans lived the land was different. It was a big difference indeed. the land was bare and dry as a big bone. Instead of a lush green field it was all tattered grass. Instead of trees filled with life the trees were all dead with no leaves at all. Instaed of happy cats there were four cats pushing four cats in a corner.......

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chapter 23

    Wintertail remembered what Willowtail said. She said that each leader had 8-9 lives. She forgot if it was eight or nine. Frostglory was apparently killed two times during this very short battle. Then Frostglory stirred. She was alive!!! Wintertail heard of stories that while she was out hunting or border patrols back in the clans Frostglory had lost a few lives. That was why Wintertail wasn't sure if she was still alive. With Redchopper fleeing and the dam broken it was time to go home. There was still one more thing that she knew was coming. "Wintertail, I need to ask you a favor," mumbled Jaugwar. "Yes . . .'' she answered. "May Avalanche and I join your so called clans? With my mate Cloudy gone, I-I feel as if I don't belong here. " "Sure." all the cats answered, including Frostglory, coming to her senses now. " But which clan will you go to?" questioned Frostglory. "There is NightClan, who are especially good at night hunting when it is cooler. There is QuickClan, a clan trained to be the quickest of the quickest. There is RockClan, the best at climbing rocks and living in dry rocky terrian. Last, there is my clan and we are the best at swimming and digging." Jaguar cocked his head. "I choose......"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 22

Right in front of them sat a gigantic pile of logs. Next to it sat a sleeping Cloudwalker machine, unlike all the others. It had a giant trunk with a spoon in the middle. Right in front of it sat Redchopper, the vicious little rodent. It was Redchopper who killed one of the leaders. The little rodent appeared to be alone but behind him you could see more beady eyes peaking out of the bushes. Then Wintertail realized that the other cats had gone looking for her and also saw the two resting things. Frostglory beckoned her to come. "Okay, head for the Cloudwalker machine." Pebblefoot meowed. The cats started running toward the contraption. Jaguar was also helping. Wintertail ran toward the machine dodging all the rats who exploded out of the logs. Only she and Jaguar made it cross. All the other cats broke off into the battle. She  jumped into the contraption with Jaguar on her tail. "Okay how do we do this?" asked Jaguar. "How I am I supossed to know?" she shot back. Then she caught something on the side of her eye. It had the carvings 'G-O' on it. She pressed it. The contraption started to grumbled and groaned. Jaguar pressed another button and the machine started to drive. They both yowled. She pulled back on a knob and it started to move backwords. They crashed into the dam. "Jump!" she yelled. They both jumped. What first caught her eye was Frostglory's limp body . . .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapter 21

      The male introduced himself as Jaguar and his kit was Avalanche. They ate a delicious meal and the Clan cats prepared to go. "Can I please . . . um. . .  Can I come?" pleaded Avalanche "No, it'll be to dangerous." decided Pebblefoot, obviously acting like the leader of the band. "Besides, I say no," said Jaguar. The small troop said their good-byes and left. After a while of walking, she heard her belly rumble like thunder. "I'll go grab myself a snack and then catch up with you guys." she said. They all nodded and decided to catch something for themselves. So she headed off into the thickest part of the bushes. She heard something, and, without thinking, she pounced. Then when she heard it meow. She stood up and noticed that it was Avalanche, the kit. Then out of nowhere Jaguar pounced on her. She groaned and kicked him off. "What are you doing here?" she snapped. "This little rascal ran off after you guys," he explained, "well now i guess that I'll escort you back." He turned around, ready to go. "Well it's to late now, look!" Wintertail looked and saw the thing that was blocking the river.

Chapter 20

Everyone was in a race against the avalanche. At that moment the avalanche was winning. It was almost swallowing Pebblefoot! "Over there!" yelled Dusktail pointing to a near by cave. The cats raced over into the cave gasping for breath. The little puff ball of white fur dangling from Wintertail's aching mouth seemed too shocked to even utter a mew. The little kit, seeming to be finding it's voice, started to speak. "Mommy? Mommy . . ." The kit started to cry. The other cats, who seemed to only notice the kit now,stared in surprise. "Where is your mommy, young one?" asked Pebblefoot. The little puff ball pointed it's little paw to the stopped rocks. Another cat emerged from the rubble pulling a limp body by its scruff. Seeing the dead body of this beautiful white cat, the kitten started to whimper and then broke into tears. The bold looking Leopard pelted male who had just approached them dragged the lifeless body out of the rubble. Tears formed in his slanted eyes. "Y-Your mom, Cloudy is no longer with us." The male solemnly put down his head. This male would make a good mate, and that's probably why this beautiful female chose him . . .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chapter 19

   The next morning, the cats set off."Brrrr! It's cold here!" exclaimed Dotfur. Wintertail heard a rumbling, and one of the cats yowled. "Avalanche!!!" yelled Frostglory. The band of cats ran off. But Wintertail heard something....It sounded like a wail of a kit. She turned and saw a kit as white as snow hiding between two rocks with the avalanch coming right toward it. She ran, scooped it up, and ran for her life. The Avalanche was coming closer and closer.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chapter 18

         Wintertail looked up at the full moon. The beautiful sphere was lighting up the sky. "What was that?" hissed Dotfur. Wintertail strained her ears, and she heard something. It sounded like the beating of log drums and beautiful singing. The band of cats ran toward the sound. They went through a bunch of bushes and saw hundreds of cats. They were all dancing. A cat approached them "Greetings,young ones. I am Moon." said the cat. the cats introuduced themself. "So, what's going on?" asked Frostglory. "We are having a Bon Dance." said Moon. "What is a Bon Dance?" asked Wintertail. "It is a day where we dance to honor all the cats that died in the war were having." Wintertail tipped her head. "War?" Moon's head dropped, and she sighed"A bunch of cats that eat from the same dumpster as we do, wanted our territory." A cat started singing beautifully, while a beautiful leaf whistle started playing. For the first time, Wintertail noticed that there were cans that were glowing. The light inside started moving, it was a firefly. Wintertail quickly caught herself a fish at a nearby stream, ate it, and started to dance with the other cats. The log drums made her heart jump up and down. Wintertail looked at the lamp. To her surprise, she saw a forest burning and fleeing cats. What was that?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 17

      When Wintertail awoke, she saw the river. That was good. She stood up and accidently hit her back on the top of the cage. Wincing, Wintertail walked out of the cage, shook herself, and started looking for the others. All she saw was Tommy, and he was talking to a boy she had never seen before. Tommy turned around and saw her."Hey kitty! You're awake!" he said. Tommy picked her up and let the other Cloudwalker pet her. "So Tommy, what are we doing today?" asked the boy. "Well, Mike, we're going all the way upstream." said Tommy. So the other boy's name is Mike, she thought. Tommy let her drop to the floor. When she hit the ground she scampered off. After a little while, she saw Frostglory. "We are heading upstream." she said to Frostglory."Look!" yelled Dotfur coming around from the corner. Wintertail looked she saw what Dotfur was looking at. A big Cloudwalker monster was in the river plugging it. Right then, the thing they were riding on jerked as it stopped. Dotfur rounded up the other three cats and they jumped off the machine. When Wintertail approached the river, a face appeared. It kind of looked like a cats face. Puckleclaw's, to be exact. Wintertail's foot slid into the water. The face opened it's mouth and inside was a small whirlpool that her foot had tripped into. The mouth closed and the teeth pierced her skin; not enough to cut it, but enough to bruise it. The now swirling face had disappeared."The second sign." said the same mysterious voice from before.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chapter 16

        "When is the family going on that trip yet?' groaned Dusktail. "Kids, get packing! We are leaving for the trip tommorow!" yelled Len. "Can we bring the cats?" asked the kids. "We have to get more cat carriers, but sure!" he replied. Then the kids started packing and the dad left for the store. The mom came over and put collars on each of them. "There you go." she said. The dad came back a hour later with these rope things and big metal traps. Wintertail went outside into the yard. She looked up and saw clouds that looked like two cats figting. It was not like those fluffy clouds you make pictures with. It looked like real cats actually fighting. Moving back and forth jumping and leaping on each other. "That's strange." Wintertail jumped to see Frostglory right next to her. So she was not just imagining it."The first sign." said a voice on the wind."The first sign."
       The next morning the Cloudwalkers shoved them all into these tight cages. Pebblefoot, Dusktail, and Dotfur in one and her and Frostglory in another. Domino had her own cage. They went to a place where these metal falcons carried Cloudwalkers and their pets. First, more Cloudwalkers tape paper things on the metal traps. The families' things were somehow transported to the metal falcon. Then, the Cloudwalkers put them on a machine that moved through another crazy machine. Last the Cloudwalkers boarded the metal falcon. Wintertail's favorite part was when the metal falcon took off, although she kept bumping into Frostglory.The metal falcon always stayed over land (the same land they came from). It also followed the stream. That is good, thought Wintertail. We ought to find the plug much faster by traveling by air. "Go to sleep, Wintertail." said Frostglory" We should be landing soon." Now that she thought about it, she was really tired. Wintertail quickly drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapter 15

        "Time to eat, kitties!"called Jayne.The cats ran over.Wintertail was ready to bite into a big juicy mouse. Instead when she came to the bowls she saw these pellets. "What are these things."asked Wintertail. "They are called cat food."said a voice. Another cat trotted up. This cat looks fairly plump and friendly thought Wintertail."My name is Domino." Pebblefoot intoduced everyone. "But I heard the people call you different names." said Domino. "Thats our pet names." said Wintertail "What are people?" asked Dusktail. "'Cloudwalkers', to you guys."said Domino. "Try the pellets." said Domino. Wintertail tried it. "Yuck! This like dead rats."she complained.Domino fronwed. "Well to me it taste like the best thing in the world." commented Domino. "Maybe there is a way out." murmmered Pebblefoot. "Try the cat door." said Domino. "Cat door?" asked Pebblefoot. "The way we cats get out to stretch our legs." said Domino cheerfully. "Let's go everybody." meowed Pebblefoot. Everyone followed her.
         When they got outside the yard was surrounded by a fence. "No prey will dare to come through the fence." meowed Wintertail."Beside I only eat fruits and vegies." She saw Domino come out of the 'cat door'. "Sometimes bird come and eat the seeds from the grass." she meowed. But luckly she saw a patrol of WaveClan cats coming back from a fruit hunt. "Hey, over here." she yelled. The cats turned and came bounding toward them. The patrol ws led by Frostglory. "How are you doing." said Frostglory going under the fence. "Fine." said Frostglory. "Oh, by the way have you seen Cheetahswift?" asked Wintertail. "No." she replied. "You mean she's not back at the clan yet?" Before Frostglory could answer they heard loud screaming. "Kitty cat." yelled a voice that sounded like Dian. Frostglory tried to get out but her tail got stuck on a bramble. Dian scrambled up and grabbed Frostglory then hugged her. "I want to name her Frosty." yelled Dian.Dian walked into the house with Frostglory scrambeling to get free.Wintertail running back toward camp but at the rear she spotted Puckleclaw with a smug smile.The rest of the cats including Domino who was jittery over the exciting event. In the house during dinner Wintertail and Frostglory(who had given up with trying to get away) ate fruit. Which Frostglory had snuck in while the others were stuck eating pellets.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chapter 14

          The next day at dawn the four cats met."Time to go now." hissed Pebblefoot. Wintertail peeked through the bushes and saw the Cloudwalker. Only the two big ones were out, but she could hear the two little ones in the big den.
         The cats headed out in front of the Cloudwalkers. First Dotfur, then Pebblefoot, Dusktail, and last her. "Meow." they all meowed. They had a plan. Dusktail and Pebblefoot would try to befriend the one with long fur. Dotfur and Wintertail would try to befriend the one with short hair.They headed toward their Cloudwalker. "Aww, how cute." said the female Cloudwalker. She knelt down to pick up Pebblefoot and Dusktail. The male Cloudwalker didn't seem that interested. Dotfur frowned, then hopped onto the Cloudwalker's lap while Wintertail followed. The other Cloudwalker stooped down and grabbed them ,too."Let's keep them, Len." said the female Cloudwalker. "Fine." said the other. She brought them into the house. "Tommy, Dian look what we found." said the female Cloudwalker, Jayne.Wintertail could here the pitter patter of the Cloudwalkers feet. The female quickly swung them behind the her back. "Yes, Mommy?" "As a 'good job' present for school, we have a present for you two. Dian, since you got 3 E's you get to pick first." she said. She quickly swung the cats from around her back. The Cloudwalkers gasped. "Oh, Mommy, cats!" said Tommy. "I want the pure white one and the Pebbly dark one." said Dian pointing to Wintertail and Pebblefoot.
"Yay, the ones I wanted!" squealed Tommy."Let's have naming ceremony.We'll take pillows, then stick poles into the sides of the couches and make a blanket attatch from the ends like a curtain." said Dian. "Sure. Come on let's do it." said Tommy.
          The two Cloudwalkers first took Pebblefoot and put the rest of them on the ground. They gently pushed Pebblefoot through the curtain."All their names should do something with their color or personalities. So let's name this one Rocky."said Tommy. Pebblefoot flinched at the name. Next Dusktail was shoved up. "Let's name this one Night." said Tommy. Then Dotfur was shoved up. "Let's name you Dotty Wotty." said Dian. The other cats burst into peals of laughter while Dotfur looked embarassed. "I think the other cats like it." said Dian. Last Wintertail was put up. "Let's name you Snowy."said Dian. Wintertail put her paws over her head. What had she gotten herself into?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chapter 13

              When Wintertail got back to camp, all the cats clustered around her,except Cheetahswift, Frostglory, and Puckleclaw.After that, Wintertail went to look for Cheetahswift. Wintertail found Cheetahswift in the warriors den, sobbing. "Cheetahswift, are you okay?"asked Wintertail. "Why, Wintertail, why?" sobbed Cheetahswift. "Why what?!!"said Wintertail, getting a little impatient. "Why did Frostglory choose you? Why couldn't it been me?" Cheetahswift spat. "Well, I don't know.But we're still friends right?" Cheetahswift got up and ran out of the den. "No!!"she shouted. Wintertail tried to track her, but her scent went over the QuickClan border.
      Wintertail told Frostglory about what she and the other cats discovered. Frostglory decided that instead of leaving in about a week, they would leave tomorrow at dawn.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chapter 12

         Wintertail wanted to tell Frostglory about what she overheard. But as soon as she stepped out of the warrior den Puckleclaw stopped her. Wintertail knew wouldn't try and harm her with other cats around, so she knew she was safe. "Your supposed to be going to meet the other cats,"Puckleclaw said with a smirk smile.With a big huff she trotted off. When she finally reached the place where the four cats were suppose to meet, the others were are ready there.
      Pebblefoot was a female broad gray cat. Dusktail was a very dark male cat. Dotfur was just sitting there with a smirk smile. All the cats didn't want to work together but they had to. "So how are we going to befriend the Cloudwalkers?"asked Dusktail. "Let's just try being nice to them looking cute and cuddly." giggled Dotfur. "Okay, you do it." meowed Pebblefoot. Wintertail watched as Pebblefoot pushed Dotfur out in the open by the Cloudwalker. Just before the Cloudwalker turned it's head Pebblefoot ran into a bush. Wintetail watched as Dotfur started to purr and hit the Cloudwalker. Wintertail smiled. They had found their way.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chapter 11

When Wintertail got back to camp, something was different.  No one had come back with drenched moss.

"All cats, come now!" yowled Frostglory.

When all the cats gathered, Frostglory continued her announcement.

"Cats of WaveClan we are going through a drought.   All the leaders have decided to send one cat from every clan to investigate.  Dusktail from NightClan, Pebblefoot from RockClan, and Dotfur from QuickClan will go.  I have decided to send Wintertail."

Wintertail noticed that the cats that were chosen were the same ones who went to see the Strawberry Tree.

"You four will have to befriend the Cloudwalkers from the  Old Cloudwalker Place who will be traveling up the stream for a trip. You will have one week to befriend the Cloudwalkers. You will meet at dawn ,"  said Frostglory.

On her way to the warriors den, Wintertail heard Puckleclaw talking to another cat. She sniffed the air - it sure wasn't  a WaveClan cat.   Wintertail crept behind a fern to listen.

"Once Wintertail and the others are gone there will be nothing  to stop us from taking over the clans," hissed an unfamiliar voice.

"What about the leaders?" whispered a creaky voice.

"Oh, don't worry, they won't be a problem. I got special plans for them." said Puckleclaw with a smirk.

Backing up Wintertail, stepped on a twig and it cracked loudly under her foot.

"What was that?"

"I don't know."

Puckleclaw swung his head around and spotted Wintertail. "Oh, no!" he gasped.

Wintertail ran as fast as she could into the warriors hole, where she was safe.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chapter 10

           The next morning Cheetahswift and Wintertail went on a morning patrol. During the patrol, they saw a QuickClan warrior on their side of the border. Wintertail strayed from the patrol to attack the cat. She pounced on the invader and they tumbled down a slope until they hit a tree. Wintertail quickly pinned the intruder to the tree but then she noticed that it was Doteye.

"Doteye?" meowed Wintertail, letting her tight grip loosen while her anger burned. 

"I think you mean Dotfur, and how are you doing Wintereye?" smirked Dotfur.

"Well if you must know, I became a warrior last night. So call me Wintertail." meowed Wintertail.

"Wintertail." called a voice. "Better go now."

Note:  When Doteye became a warrior, her named changed to Dotfur. 

Chapter 9

       When they got back to back to camp Wintereye placed the fruit and milk gifts she got for Frostglory by her den. When she woke up the next morning she heard Frostglory yowl. She stepped out and saw Frostglory looking at her with wide happy eyes.

"We have two apprentices that are ready to become warriors." she yowled."Cheetaheye and Wintereye. Cheetaheye step forward."

Cheetaheye did as she was told.

"From all that is right and  under the sparkling moon of the night (warrior ceremonies are usually held at night) you shall be known as Cheetahswift."

"Wintereye step forward."

Wintereye stepped up nervously.

"From all that is right and under the sparkling moon of the night you shall be known as Wintertail"

"Wintertail, Cheetahswift,Wintertail,Cheetahswift" cheered all the other cats.

"The hero shall leave the clans and the hero's enemy will strip the land to it's core."whispered a voice on seeming to come from nowhere.
Note:  As warriors, Wintereye is now known as Wintertail and Cheetaheye is now known as Cheetahswift.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chapter 8

   Wintereye broke off many branches from a tree. She made a hut like thing over the nursery. Then she dug a smaller hole around the entrance of the nursery. Wintereye and Cheetaheye spent the rest of the morning gathering water in moss and putting it in the small hole that surrounded the nursery. By doing this, no one would be able to steal the kits, hurt the pregnant cats, and the kittens would not be able to crawl out, get lost or hurt.
        In the afternoon, they went to get something to eat and drink. As you know cats like meat, but WaveClan only eat fruits and drink coconut milk. Wintereye and Cheetaheye snuck into the Cloudwalker garden and took two plastic bags, three tin cans and grabbed two wooden pegs. They hopped onto the wooden pegs and slid down the hill to the fruits and coconut trees. Wintereye climbed into the fruit tree and bit the stem of a ripe mango. It fell down into the plastic bag.They continued to collect the mangoes until they had 7 mangoes in the bag.  When they were done, they went to the coconut trees.
       At the coconut trees, Cheetaheye climbed into the coconut tree and cut down 3 coconuts. Wintereye caught all of them in the bag. Wintereye took a pointy rock and made a hole in the coconut and the milk came spurting out. She let it drip into the tin cans. The cats eagerly ate their fill of the tasty fruits and milk.

"This taste delicious" mumbled Cheetaheye through a mouthful of food.
"Let's go back to camp now." said Wintereye."Save the last of the coconut milk and the last fruit for Frostglory."
Coconut milk already in a can!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 7

   During Puckleclaw's announcement Wintereye learned that after everyone had left Strawberry Tree, Pineglory set off to explore Moon Tree. Moon Tree had pure white fruit things. Pineglory, attracted to the purity of the color and encouraged by the rumble of his stomach, ate one.  On the way back to his territory, Pineglory was attacked by a vicious band of rats and bitten by a rat named Red chopper. Iimmediately Pineglory got a serious infection.  He was barely able to make it back to his camp.  Safetyherb (Medicine cat) was able to watch over him as he healed but one night something weird happened!  Pineglory stopped breathing and out of his body came a ghost - the ghost of Willowtail.
   Willowtail's ghost said, "Each clan leader shall gain 7 lives from eating a Moon fruit. Pineglory now has 7 lives remaining."
  Wintereye no longer needed to travel to Moon Tree and stayed back to make the camp better.
Eat white chocolate and gain 7 think?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chapter 6

   When they finally got closer to the top they started to see the other cats.
   "Wait...before we go I have to tell you something. Let's keep this a secret between me and you."whispered Frostglory. By the sound of her voice and the twitch of her whiskers, Wintereye knew she was not kidding. When they got to the others, the sun was starting to set.
   "We should start heading back to our clans now.We will check out moontree tomorrow." hissed Pineglory.
   The clan cats started to go their separate ways.  They finally reached the place where the clan was starting to make a camp and a hunting patrol was also coming back. The camp looked different .Instead of a smooth flat area there were tons of holes. The biggest hole looked like the warriors den, a medium sized hole looked like the apprentice hole,  another medium sized hole looked like the medicine cat's hole.   There was the nursery which was quite large.  There was the huge elders hole and lastly, the leaders den which sat proudly on top of a large rock formation.
     Wintereye slipped inside the apprentice den and took a trip off to dream land.
     Wintereye woke to the sound of Puckleclaw's voice. What had happened to Frostglory? Had she left without her?
Dream Mousse or dream mouse?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chapter 5

   Wintereye did not need an answer.  She gasped.  The room was filled with sparkling moss. It was Frostglory  who broke the silence with a hushed whisper. "I wonder what is in the next room?"  Before Wintereye could answer, Frostglory was already trotting ahead. Wintereye quickly followed.
   The room looked plain. It was a rocky room with a small puddle near the side. The pool was created by a tiny leak in the roof. Wintereye was so busy staring at cave she did not notice when Frostglory dragged in two clumps of moss and placed it on the floor. At the end af the cave was a rock wall. In the rock wall were claw marks big enough for their claws to fit in.
    Let's climb the wall."Frostglory meowed.  They started to climb the wall step by step, paw by paw.
  The first priority was to get out; the second, to find everyone
Oh! No!  A Utahraptor?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapter 4

     Inside the tunnel the water was flowing quite fast.  Up in the distance,Wintereye could see the pelt of Frostglory just as Frostglory disappeared.  Wintereye had no time to think about running out of air. She let the current pull her along and saw a hole covered with leaves. She was starting to put her paw through the hole when she felt Frostglory touch her tail. Quickly, Wintereye burst through the Tea leaf covered floor and barely had time to brace herself as she hit bottom.
   As some of you know cats usually land on all four legs but this particular cat did not learn how. When she was born her legs were disordered and only lots of rest helped cure that up. So if you understood what I am trying to say, you would know that Wintereye landed on her furry rear end.
     When Winteye recovered from the painful fall, she stood up and gave herself a good shake."Why couldn't this happen to someone else?" murmured Wintereye to herself.Wintereye was too busy grumbling that she tripped on a stick and went flying into the air. She flapped her arms in a bird-like motion and hit the ground with an enormous "THUD!".
     Wintereye looked up and saw her leader.  She blushed. She hoped Frostglory did not notice her and was relieved to see that Frostglory was peering farther into the cave.  Wintereye stood up and walked to Frostglory's side and asked the most obvious question. "What are you looking at?"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The WaveClan Board Game

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chapter 3

By the time the cats reached the strawberry tree, they were panting.  The cats began talking all at once.

"This is a very small area!"  "If you ask me, this area should go to the WaveClan."  "It is on their side of the border anyway."  "Let's rest!"

"Thank you, everyone," meowed Frostglory.  "Go ahead and have a taste of the strawberries."

Everyone took a seat and grabbed a strawberry.  The cats murmured with appreciation as they ate the strawberries.  It had a sweet, luscious taste, not sour or bitter, and it was very healthy.  Wintereye quickly grabbed another berry and ate it in one quick bite.

Wintereye began exploring and discovered that the tree was actually quite huge.  At the first turn, she found many prey holes.  At the second turn, she found a small cave.  "Hey Frostglory!" she meowed at the top of her lungs."

Frostglory came running.  "What is it?  A badger?  A fox?" she yelped. 

"No!  Frostglory, I think I found a cave!"

"Let me take a look," hissed Frostglory.  A little while later Frostglory cried out excitedly to Wintereye and Wintereye bounded over to the cave.  She saw Frostglory standing over a pool of water.  She was wet and covered with slimy, green moss.

"Wintereye, there is another cave here!" squealed Frostglory.  "Come on and follow me!"  Frostglory jumped into the pool and disappeared.  Wintereye took a deep breath and dove into the water.

A strawberry tree must just be a topsy turvy strawberry plant!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 2

As the patrol of cats padded along the foggy path, everything seemed very unusual. Why had Frostglory chosen these cats to accompany her? What were they going to do?  As the fog started to lift, Wintereye could see the other cats sitting in the clearing.  Frostglory sat down and the meeting began.

After the introductions, the leaders started to talk.

"First, we need to make borders," said Pineglory, the QuickClan leader

"I know the area pretty good," replied Frostglory. "I think QuickClan should have the moor.  It gives them more room to run.  They will have the stream to the old fox den.  RockClan should have Rock Mountain.  They will have Snake Cave to Frog Rock.  NightClan should have the woods because it is the darkest area.  They will have Tall Pines to Short Pines.  WaveClan warriors like swimming, forests and we are good at digging so we will have Deep Pools and Dirt Forest.  Our borders will be the river and the dead hollow." 

"But what about the strawberry tree, herb garden, moon tree and the old Cloudwaker place?" hissed Pineglory.

"What are Cloudwakers?" interrupted Doteye, an apprentice in the QuickClan.

"Cloudwakers are creatures that walk on two feet.  They have no tails and no pointed noses," meowed Orangestripe.

Bringing the meeting back to the subject, Frostglory continued.  "We will leave the old Cloudwaker place for rogue cats, loners, foxes, dogs, bears and badgers.  The herb garden will be used by the medicine cats and all medicine cats will be allowed to go there freely.  As for the strawberry tree, we should all see if there is anything unique about that area."

"Right!" said the leaders and together they padded toward the strawberry tree.

Who would want to live in snake cave?!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 1

Wintereye sat down and yawned. It had been 2 sunrises (days) since the Clans met the GloryClan warrior. All the leaders decided to meet at a place called Tall Forest. Frostglory, the WaveClan leader, had to bring two warriors and one apprentice along with her. Wintereye really wanted to go.

A yowl came from High Hill - the place where announcements are made.

"Cats of WaveClan," proclaimed Frostglory. "I have made my choice. Tonight I shall bring Orangestripe and Crescentstripe as my warriors. Wintereye will be my apprentice."

Some of the senior warriors sighed and slinked back to their dens but Wintereye was overjoyed!

Deep in thought, Wintereye barely heard Orangestripe yell, "QuickClan warrior!" and he quickly swung around to see a QuickClan warrior come out of the thorn barrier.

"Oh! It's you Volleytail," said Frostglory. "Why are you here?"

"I have new information," panted Volleytail. "It is important that you bring your deputy also."

"Thank you," said Frostglory and Volleytail quickly bounded off.

"Puckleclaw, you will be my deputy." ordered Frostglory. "You need to come to the meeting." Puckleclaw obediently bowed his head and backed away.

"Come on!" hissed Frostglory as the cats said their goodbyes. Wintereye bid farewell to her best friends, Aquaeye and Cheetaheye, then excitedly headed after her leader.


Sneak peek into Chapter 2...As the patrol of cats padded along the foggy path, everything seemed very unusual. Why had Frostglory chosen these cats to accompany her? What were they going to do?

Monday, January 25, 2010


The wind whistled as a battle between four rival cat Clans fought for territory. The wind suddenly went in the other direction and the moon turned dark red. All the battling Clans ceased. Then, from nowhere, a starry cat walked out of the night sky. The cat started to speak.

"Cats of all Clans, my name is Willowtail. I was the first cat to die when the battle broke out. Now I am in a place called GloryClan. GloryClan is a place where all cats who die noble and pure hearted go to. But, if you are not noble and pure hearted, you go to a place called DarkClan. DarkClan is a place where the sun never rises and you are all alone."

One cat stepped out of the crowd. "My name is Pine, leader of QuickClan. We need order. Can you help us?"

"I will tell you how to name cats during their stage of life," said Willowtail. "Kits will have 'step' in their name because they are still taking their first steps into the world. Apprentices will have 'eye' in their name because they will need to get the right point of view. Warriors will have 'ear, heart, tail, pelt, foot, face, fang, feather or stripe'. We won't like it when some cat comes in and his name is Greengoop. Medicine cats will have 'herb' because they are like herbs. Medicine cat apprentices will have 'leaf' because they are still leaves but will grow into a new herb. Deputies will have 'claw' because they are getting their claws and hearts ready for new adventures. Leaders will have 'glory' because they have the ability to talk to GloryClan. If any of you are wondering, glories are those little twinkling things in the sky. Now you must create a code...the Forest Code."
Too bad all cats can't live in a condo!