Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chapter 28

"Sparklepelt." said Wintertail in panic. Pucleclaw turned around quickly and saw Wintertail. "Oh, the great Wintertail. Bow down to your new leader, Puckleglory." spat Puckleclaw. "What?" hissed Wintertail with fury in her eyes. "There is only one leader. And she is right next to me." But Puckleclaw's gaze fell upon Frostglory. "Traitor." hissed Frostglory angrily. "Shallowpool?" meowed Dotfur stepping toward the sleek cat. "Mother, why are you doing this?" said Dotfur. Indeed, Dotfur's mother was Shallowpool and it broke her heart to see that she had turned evil. Frostglory whispered something to Pebblefoot and he ran off. Demontooth, not knowing what he was doing, lunged toward Pebblefoot. Wintertail quickly flung herself toward Demontooth. Pebblefoot startled, started to run off. Then she remembered Sparklepelt and the other leaders. (The real leaders.) "Get the other leaders out," she yelled without thinking. The others seeming only now to realize that the leaders were in the corner. Also Wintertail noticed that Pineglory (QuickClan leader) was huffing his breath out unsteadily. She lunged herself toward the real leaders. The deputies, surprised, was not able to stop her, for they stood on one side of the field and the good band of cats on the other side. The battle had begun. THE BLOODBATTLE. SEE MORE IN BOOK 2.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter 27

Sparklepelt vigorously shook the dizziness out of his head. "Ugh," he groaned. All of the days' events rushed through his brain. He looked around. He was in the Nursery. But where was Bellafeather and Mollywing? He tried to rush out of the den but Shallowpool was there blocking his exit. "Get out of my way," Sparklepelt hissed with rage. Didn't she have any respect for anyone but herself? "Is that a way to talk to QuickClan's leader?" she cooed. "You're QuickClan's leader?" he mewed. "Right indeed. I'm Shallowglory. We have not got our 9 lives yet, but that's only a day's wait away." Shallowglory meowed somewhat proudly. Sparklepelt shook his head. Time for a change of subject. "Where are my friends?" he asked with a hint of worry. "Oh, those little rats. They are in the Apprentice den." she hissed with too much satisfacion. "Puckleglory decided all places would go down. So apprentices would be kits and so on. I was thinking of having you as an apprentice." Sparklepelt gasped in horror. "Oh. So this is all Puckleclaw-" "Puckleglory," she corrected. He gasped in horror, then gulped down his surprise. "Puckleglory's fault." Shallowglory nodded. That was it. Sparklepelt needed to get out of here.  He rammed Shallowpool with his head. She slid aside undamaged, but obviously surprised. Outside he saw the other deputies or leaders, whichever. They growled when they saw him. He turned around to go the other way, but Shallowglory was right there. It was no use. He was trapped. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the other leaders. The real leaders. They were trapped inside a den with a bamboo door attatched to it (how did they get the bamboo tied?). He ripped the door that was holding them in. All of the leaders leaped up at the same time. Then Sparklepelt led the leaders out together. Then Puckleglory suddenly jumped in front of them. They turned back, but they were surronded.The bushes started to rustle, and out came Wintertail and the others!!! But Sparklepelt's joy soon faded as he realized that it was no use because they had ready started what they would soon call the BloodBattle . . .