Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapter 4

     Inside the tunnel the water was flowing quite fast.  Up in the distance,Wintereye could see the pelt of Frostglory just as Frostglory disappeared.  Wintereye had no time to think about running out of air. She let the current pull her along and saw a hole covered with leaves. She was starting to put her paw through the hole when she felt Frostglory touch her tail. Quickly, Wintereye burst through the Tea leaf covered floor and barely had time to brace herself as she hit bottom.
   As some of you know cats usually land on all four legs but this particular cat did not learn how. When she was born her legs were disordered and only lots of rest helped cure that up. So if you understood what I am trying to say, you would know that Wintereye landed on her furry rear end.
     When Winteye recovered from the painful fall, she stood up and gave herself a good shake."Why couldn't this happen to someone else?" murmured Wintereye to herself.Wintereye was too busy grumbling that she tripped on a stick and went flying into the air. She flapped her arms in a bird-like motion and hit the ground with an enormous "THUD!".
     Wintereye looked up and saw her leader.  She blushed. She hoped Frostglory did not notice her and was relieved to see that Frostglory was peering farther into the cave.  Wintereye stood up and walked to Frostglory's side and asked the most obvious question. "What are you looking at?"