Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chapter 18

         Wintertail looked up at the full moon. The beautiful sphere was lighting up the sky. "What was that?" hissed Dotfur. Wintertail strained her ears, and she heard something. It sounded like the beating of log drums and beautiful singing. The band of cats ran toward the sound. They went through a bunch of bushes and saw hundreds of cats. They were all dancing. A cat approached them "Greetings,young ones. I am Moon." said the cat. the cats introuduced themself. "So, what's going on?" asked Frostglory. "We are having a Bon Dance." said Moon. "What is a Bon Dance?" asked Wintertail. "It is a day where we dance to honor all the cats that died in the war were having." Wintertail tipped her head. "War?" Moon's head dropped, and she sighed"A bunch of cats that eat from the same dumpster as we do, wanted our territory." A cat started singing beautifully, while a beautiful leaf whistle started playing. For the first time, Wintertail noticed that there were cans that were glowing. The light inside started moving, it was a firefly. Wintertail quickly caught herself a fish at a nearby stream, ate it, and started to dance with the other cats. The log drums made her heart jump up and down. Wintertail looked at the lamp. To her surprise, she saw a forest burning and fleeing cats. What was that?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 17

      When Wintertail awoke, she saw the river. That was good. She stood up and accidently hit her back on the top of the cage. Wincing, Wintertail walked out of the cage, shook herself, and started looking for the others. All she saw was Tommy, and he was talking to a boy she had never seen before. Tommy turned around and saw her."Hey kitty! You're awake!" he said. Tommy picked her up and let the other Cloudwalker pet her. "So Tommy, what are we doing today?" asked the boy. "Well, Mike, we're going all the way upstream." said Tommy. So the other boy's name is Mike, she thought. Tommy let her drop to the floor. When she hit the ground she scampered off. After a little while, she saw Frostglory. "We are heading upstream." she said to Frostglory."Look!" yelled Dotfur coming around from the corner. Wintertail looked she saw what Dotfur was looking at. A big Cloudwalker monster was in the river plugging it. Right then, the thing they were riding on jerked as it stopped. Dotfur rounded up the other three cats and they jumped off the machine. When Wintertail approached the river, a face appeared. It kind of looked like a cats face. Puckleclaw's, to be exact. Wintertail's foot slid into the water. The face opened it's mouth and inside was a small whirlpool that her foot had tripped into. The mouth closed and the teeth pierced her skin; not enough to cut it, but enough to bruise it. The now swirling face had disappeared."The second sign." said the same mysterious voice from before.