Thursday, February 4, 2010

The WaveClan Board Game

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chapter 3

By the time the cats reached the strawberry tree, they were panting.  The cats began talking all at once.

"This is a very small area!"  "If you ask me, this area should go to the WaveClan."  "It is on their side of the border anyway."  "Let's rest!"

"Thank you, everyone," meowed Frostglory.  "Go ahead and have a taste of the strawberries."

Everyone took a seat and grabbed a strawberry.  The cats murmured with appreciation as they ate the strawberries.  It had a sweet, luscious taste, not sour or bitter, and it was very healthy.  Wintereye quickly grabbed another berry and ate it in one quick bite.

Wintereye began exploring and discovered that the tree was actually quite huge.  At the first turn, she found many prey holes.  At the second turn, she found a small cave.  "Hey Frostglory!" she meowed at the top of her lungs."

Frostglory came running.  "What is it?  A badger?  A fox?" she yelped. 

"No!  Frostglory, I think I found a cave!"

"Let me take a look," hissed Frostglory.  A little while later Frostglory cried out excitedly to Wintereye and Wintereye bounded over to the cave.  She saw Frostglory standing over a pool of water.  She was wet and covered with slimy, green moss.

"Wintereye, there is another cave here!" squealed Frostglory.  "Come on and follow me!"  Frostglory jumped into the pool and disappeared.  Wintereye took a deep breath and dove into the water.

A strawberry tree must just be a topsy turvy strawberry plant!