Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chapter 26

            Okay forget all the other characters. Here are the ones you must remember: Wintertail, Frostglory, Pebblefoot, Dusktail, Dotfur, Mollywing, Bellafeather, Puckleclaw,Cheetahswift and all the other deputies. So now let's join our journey with Sparklepelt. Sparklepelt's friends, Bellafeather and Mollywing, seemed to hear the sounds of his low growls. As soon as they emerged from the bushes, the other clan deputies came out of the bushes. Demontooth came into full view then. Sparklepelt could now see that RockClans' deputy was no bigger than himself. He had dark brown fur with gashes of light brown. Demontooth had many battle scars, for he had been RockClans deputy for 6 years and he was getting old and impatient for RockClan's current leader to retire. Second came Mutheart. Mutheart was a lean gray cat. Some stories told of him being half mut. Mutheart had only recently became NightClan's deputy, because the clan was unsure if they should trust him or not. Last but not least was Shallowpool. Shallowpool was a gorgeus female cat. While the cats were staring at awe at her she would normally quickly strike. Being a QuickClan a cat, she was incredibly fast. Being the oldest and most skilled deputy she was really unbeatable. The deputies came closer and closer to the three cats. the next thing Sparklepelt knew he was knocked out(If you are wondering why the deputies names don't end with claw, is becase Puckleclaw secretly allowed them to change there names if they didn't like them. And apparently all of them besides Puckleclaw didn't like their name).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chapter 25

We must know leave our hero, Wintertail and tell you what has happened while the band of cats were gone. We will now follow the story of Sparklekit. A young male cat with a great sense of pride. Sparklekit became an apprentice at the same time of Wintertail. While he had his apprentice ceremony, Wintertail just happened to be sleeping. He also became a warrior the day after Wintertail, so know we are left with Sparklepelt. The day that the band of clan saving cats left, Puckleclaw took over due to strange disappearance of Frostglory. In the late afternoon, Sparklepelt heard a rumbling noise. She ran utside to see a giant wave crashing upon their camp. Sparklepelt braced himself for the impact. When the water finally hit him, he just started to swim. After that odd incident, the clans soon got news that a couple of cats died. Volleytail (from another clan.) and their own Safetyherb ( medicine cat apprentice)Bellawing took over. Bellawing was her very best friend aside from Mollyfeather, that is. Although his friends were girls. As many may know, girls and boys often do not work together well. All the other kits in the other clan were killed but WaveClans' kits were carried to safety. The next day the campsite caught on fire. Waveclan, because they live in holes, had a harder time escaping their dens compared to the other clans. Sparklepelt saw Puckleclaw talking to another cat. the other cat did not smell of WaveClan but it smelled like it was from RockClan. "We shall attack the clans, join up with the other clan deputies, and rule all cats in this forest.'' the other cat said. Puckleclaw nodded solemly. Sparklepelt gasped suddenly. Another cat heard him. The strange cat pounced on him. Sparklepelt threw him off into the broad sunlight of the day. It was Demontooth, Rockclan's deputy. From the bushes emerged the other clans deputies.

Chapter 24

The suspense was killing her. Witch clan would he choose she knew that whichever clan he went to Avalanch would go to. "I choose Waveclan." said Jauwar at last. Wintertail let out her breath. "So with thdat done let's go back to the clans." said Frostglory seemng relieved too. With a nod of Wintertail's head they set off toward the clans. Almost to the clans Dotfur spoke up. "Wintertail why is cheetahswift mad at you?" sheasked."how did you know she was mad at me?" said Wintetail with a little bit of annoyance. 'You didn't know Cheetahswift is in QuickClan." said Dotfur with a bunch of sympathy. "What!" she hissed nearly allmost falling down. their pace seemed to go a little faster after that. When they got to the area where the four clans lived the land was different. It was a big difference indeed. the land was bare and dry as a big bone. Instead of a lush green field it was all tattered grass. Instead of trees filled with life the trees were all dead with no leaves at all. Instaed of happy cats there were four cats pushing four cats in a corner.......

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chapter 23

    Wintertail remembered what Willowtail said. She said that each leader had 8-9 lives. She forgot if it was eight or nine. Frostglory was apparently killed two times during this very short battle. Then Frostglory stirred. She was alive!!! Wintertail heard of stories that while she was out hunting or border patrols back in the clans Frostglory had lost a few lives. That was why Wintertail wasn't sure if she was still alive. With Redchopper fleeing and the dam broken it was time to go home. There was still one more thing that she knew was coming. "Wintertail, I need to ask you a favor," mumbled Jaugwar. "Yes . . .'' she answered. "May Avalanche and I join your so called clans? With my mate Cloudy gone, I-I feel as if I don't belong here. " "Sure." all the cats answered, including Frostglory, coming to her senses now. " But which clan will you go to?" questioned Frostglory. "There is NightClan, who are especially good at night hunting when it is cooler. There is QuickClan, a clan trained to be the quickest of the quickest. There is RockClan, the best at climbing rocks and living in dry rocky terrian. Last, there is my clan and we are the best at swimming and digging." Jaguar cocked his head. "I choose......"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 22

Right in front of them sat a gigantic pile of logs. Next to it sat a sleeping Cloudwalker machine, unlike all the others. It had a giant trunk with a spoon in the middle. Right in front of it sat Redchopper, the vicious little rodent. It was Redchopper who killed one of the leaders. The little rodent appeared to be alone but behind him you could see more beady eyes peaking out of the bushes. Then Wintertail realized that the other cats had gone looking for her and also saw the two resting things. Frostglory beckoned her to come. "Okay, head for the Cloudwalker machine." Pebblefoot meowed. The cats started running toward the contraption. Jaguar was also helping. Wintertail ran toward the machine dodging all the rats who exploded out of the logs. Only she and Jaguar made it cross. All the other cats broke off into the battle. She  jumped into the contraption with Jaguar on her tail. "Okay how do we do this?" asked Jaguar. "How I am I supossed to know?" she shot back. Then she caught something on the side of her eye. It had the carvings 'G-O' on it. She pressed it. The contraption started to grumbled and groaned. Jaguar pressed another button and the machine started to drive. They both yowled. She pulled back on a knob and it started to move backwords. They crashed into the dam. "Jump!" she yelled. They both jumped. What first caught her eye was Frostglory's limp body . . .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapter 21

      The male introduced himself as Jaguar and his kit was Avalanche. They ate a delicious meal and the Clan cats prepared to go. "Can I please . . . um. . .  Can I come?" pleaded Avalanche "No, it'll be to dangerous." decided Pebblefoot, obviously acting like the leader of the band. "Besides, I say no," said Jaguar. The small troop said their good-byes and left. After a while of walking, she heard her belly rumble like thunder. "I'll go grab myself a snack and then catch up with you guys." she said. They all nodded and decided to catch something for themselves. So she headed off into the thickest part of the bushes. She heard something, and, without thinking, she pounced. Then when she heard it meow. She stood up and noticed that it was Avalanche, the kit. Then out of nowhere Jaguar pounced on her. She groaned and kicked him off. "What are you doing here?" she snapped. "This little rascal ran off after you guys," he explained, "well now i guess that I'll escort you back." He turned around, ready to go. "Well it's to late now, look!" Wintertail looked and saw the thing that was blocking the river.

Chapter 20

Everyone was in a race against the avalanche. At that moment the avalanche was winning. It was almost swallowing Pebblefoot! "Over there!" yelled Dusktail pointing to a near by cave. The cats raced over into the cave gasping for breath. The little puff ball of white fur dangling from Wintertail's aching mouth seemed too shocked to even utter a mew. The little kit, seeming to be finding it's voice, started to speak. "Mommy? Mommy . . ." The kit started to cry. The other cats, who seemed to only notice the kit now,stared in surprise. "Where is your mommy, young one?" asked Pebblefoot. The little puff ball pointed it's little paw to the stopped rocks. Another cat emerged from the rubble pulling a limp body by its scruff. Seeing the dead body of this beautiful white cat, the kitten started to whimper and then broke into tears. The bold looking Leopard pelted male who had just approached them dragged the lifeless body out of the rubble. Tears formed in his slanted eyes. "Y-Your mom, Cloudy is no longer with us." The male solemnly put down his head. This male would make a good mate, and that's probably why this beautiful female chose him . . .