Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 2

As the patrol of cats padded along the foggy path, everything seemed very unusual. Why had Frostglory chosen these cats to accompany her? What were they going to do?  As the fog started to lift, Wintereye could see the other cats sitting in the clearing.  Frostglory sat down and the meeting began.

After the introductions, the leaders started to talk.

"First, we need to make borders," said Pineglory, the QuickClan leader

"I know the area pretty good," replied Frostglory. "I think QuickClan should have the moor.  It gives them more room to run.  They will have the stream to the old fox den.  RockClan should have Rock Mountain.  They will have Snake Cave to Frog Rock.  NightClan should have the woods because it is the darkest area.  They will have Tall Pines to Short Pines.  WaveClan warriors like swimming, forests and we are good at digging so we will have Deep Pools and Dirt Forest.  Our borders will be the river and the dead hollow." 

"But what about the strawberry tree, herb garden, moon tree and the old Cloudwaker place?" hissed Pineglory.

"What are Cloudwakers?" interrupted Doteye, an apprentice in the QuickClan.

"Cloudwakers are creatures that walk on two feet.  They have no tails and no pointed noses," meowed Orangestripe.

Bringing the meeting back to the subject, Frostglory continued.  "We will leave the old Cloudwaker place for rogue cats, loners, foxes, dogs, bears and badgers.  The herb garden will be used by the medicine cats and all medicine cats will be allowed to go there freely.  As for the strawberry tree, we should all see if there is anything unique about that area."

"Right!" said the leaders and together they padded toward the strawberry tree.

Who would want to live in snake cave?!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 1

Wintereye sat down and yawned. It had been 2 sunrises (days) since the Clans met the GloryClan warrior. All the leaders decided to meet at a place called Tall Forest. Frostglory, the WaveClan leader, had to bring two warriors and one apprentice along with her. Wintereye really wanted to go.

A yowl came from High Hill - the place where announcements are made.

"Cats of WaveClan," proclaimed Frostglory. "I have made my choice. Tonight I shall bring Orangestripe and Crescentstripe as my warriors. Wintereye will be my apprentice."

Some of the senior warriors sighed and slinked back to their dens but Wintereye was overjoyed!

Deep in thought, Wintereye barely heard Orangestripe yell, "QuickClan warrior!" and he quickly swung around to see a QuickClan warrior come out of the thorn barrier.

"Oh! It's you Volleytail," said Frostglory. "Why are you here?"

"I have new information," panted Volleytail. "It is important that you bring your deputy also."

"Thank you," said Frostglory and Volleytail quickly bounded off.

"Puckleclaw, you will be my deputy." ordered Frostglory. "You need to come to the meeting." Puckleclaw obediently bowed his head and backed away.

"Come on!" hissed Frostglory as the cats said their goodbyes. Wintereye bid farewell to her best friends, Aquaeye and Cheetaheye, then excitedly headed after her leader.


Sneak peek into Chapter 2...As the patrol of cats padded along the foggy path, everything seemed very unusual. Why had Frostglory chosen these cats to accompany her? What were they going to do?

Monday, January 25, 2010


The wind whistled as a battle between four rival cat Clans fought for territory. The wind suddenly went in the other direction and the moon turned dark red. All the battling Clans ceased. Then, from nowhere, a starry cat walked out of the night sky. The cat started to speak.

"Cats of all Clans, my name is Willowtail. I was the first cat to die when the battle broke out. Now I am in a place called GloryClan. GloryClan is a place where all cats who die noble and pure hearted go to. But, if you are not noble and pure hearted, you go to a place called DarkClan. DarkClan is a place where the sun never rises and you are all alone."

One cat stepped out of the crowd. "My name is Pine, leader of QuickClan. We need order. Can you help us?"

"I will tell you how to name cats during their stage of life," said Willowtail. "Kits will have 'step' in their name because they are still taking their first steps into the world. Apprentices will have 'eye' in their name because they will need to get the right point of view. Warriors will have 'ear, heart, tail, pelt, foot, face, fang, feather or stripe'. We won't like it when some cat comes in and his name is Greengoop. Medicine cats will have 'herb' because they are like herbs. Medicine cat apprentices will have 'leaf' because they are still leaves but will grow into a new herb. Deputies will have 'claw' because they are getting their claws and hearts ready for new adventures. Leaders will have 'glory' because they have the ability to talk to GloryClan. If any of you are wondering, glories are those little twinkling things in the sky. Now you must create a code...the Forest Code."
Too bad all cats can't live in a condo!